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Bring The Love Back Campaign

Bring The Love Back Campaign

Bring the Love Back Campaign's goal is to forge a nationwide commitment by people  acting individually and together to prevent violence and build safer, healthy, more caring communities. 


Our work includes:


  • “Bring The Love Back” public service advertising (PSA) campaigns.


  • An inclusive network of citizens, professionals, and organizations who implement youth serving programs at the grass root level.


  • High-quality educational materials of all types including curriculum, booklets, brochures, program kits, music, and posters.


  • Demonstration programs that involve schools, youth, and community groups that test theories in the everyday world and provide knowledge vital to effective violence prevention and community building.


  • Training for national, state, and local violence prevention practitioners, community leaders, schools, youth groups, and other key members of the community.


  • Urban League of Greater Atlanta – 98 affiliates in 39 states, and federal, state, and local organizations committed to violence prevention.

  • Dallas Austin Music Academy educational products and programs that help reinforce important "changing lives, one beat at a time" messages.

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